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Braille Shipping Instructions

Sharing with Others

It is the hope of NNELS that these braille titles will have the opportunity to travel to other communities in your province and all over Canada.

Like storing braille on a shelf, when possible, braille should also be shipped standing up when shipping multiple volumes. It is recommended to ship braille in boxes rather than fabric or bubble envelopes. If the box is not full, packing paper or foam can be used to ensure the braille doesn’t move around and cause warping during transit. Try to avoid using newsprint as packaging paper because it gets the braille all inky.

According to the Canada Post Guidelines, braille can be shipped free of charge with Canada Post. This will allow for libraries to share braille across Canada without having to pay for postage. If the post office in your community hasn’t dealt with braille before, it may not be familiar with this provision. If this happens, you can ask to review the “Literature for the Blind” section of their manual with them. Here is a sample of a postage-free label:


Postage free labels on U-LINE S-3847Y

You can always make your own labels on whatever stock/label sheets you like the best.