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One-on-one NNELS Training


Manitoba libraries can now book one-on-one training for the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS). To book a date and time for your one-on-one NNELS training, please email using the subject line "NNELS Training"

During the training participants will need:

  • Internet access to NNELS on a computer, iOS or android device
  • Library login to the NNELS service*
  • Telephone or Skype account (training can be delivered via Skype upon request)
  • Please bring any specific questions you have about NNELS to the training session

Upon request, NNELS training can also be offered via Skype.

There are two types of training sessions available for Manitoba libraries:

  • In-depth Training - Recommended for library employees without any knowledge of the service.
  • Refresher Orientation - Recommended for library employees who are familiar with the service, but would like to keep up to date on any recent changes to the web interface or service.

The NNELS network looks forward to working closely with you on delivering the NNELS service.

*If you cannot find or did not recieve your NNLES library login, please contact or

Thanks to Leslie, who saw our constraints for training and made accommodations to work for our training.  Hopefully this will be something that we can use in the future.

Thank you to Lesley for the informative NNELS training.  The information was very helpful.