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Downloaded content using USB drives

You can download books to a computer and add files to USB drives with one or more title.  Books can vary greatly in size depending on its length, but are generally 200MB, so using an 8GB flash drive, I can easily load 20 books on a USB with room to spare.  To find out more about using content on a USB, we do have some tutorials and other tips in our help pages.



I downloaded 3 MB books from the NNELS catalog and transferred to a USB drive but the DAISY player will only recognize the first two titles. I checked the USB and all three titles are there but the DAISY bookshelf is reading two. Please advise. Thanks!

Hi! This happens sometimes when we get books from sources that organize them a little differently. Can you either post here, or write directly to to let us know which book it is that downloaded but won't play on the USB? Thank you!


PS - By "organized differently" I mean that the book's files might not be in the first folder. You might have to open a few levels of folders in order to reach the actual sound files. This is something that a lot of players can't do automatically. When we find out about books like these in our collection, we fix them so that they only have the one folder.