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Downloading NNELS materials onto a Kindle

Since the Kindle Fire is Android-based, there is no technical reason why you couldn’t use an Android DAISY reader on it. We haven’t tried this ourselves, so we don’t know how easy it is to install arbitrary Android apps on the Kindle Fire.

Also, since our DAISY books contain MP3 files, you could extract those from the DAISY book and play them directly through the Kindle’s MP3 player. This should work with any model of Kindle.

To extract the MP3s, simply unzip the file and they should be right there in the folder. With our new productions, we try to have decent embedded metadata (ID3 tags), but because our titles come from all over, that may not always be the case. You should be able to copy the MP3 files to the Kindle without too much hassle.

One last option would be to convert the text portion of the DAISY book to a Kindle-friendly format, probably DAISY -> ePub -> MOBI. This would take a little extra work and only works with DAISY books that have embedded text.

Conversion to MOBI is a little more involved, and we're not sure how usable the end product would be. We'll need to do some testing with an actual Kindle to be sure. We’ve been able to use a combination of two free tools, DAISY Pipeline and Calibre to produce a MOBI file from one of our DAISY books, although the process is a bit involved. There is also a tool called DAISYtoEPUB that is supposed to automate this process, though it costs $100 and we haven’t tried it yet.

In each of these cases, it’s probably not as simple as connecting the Kindle to and downloading, but it should be possible with a little extra work.

We are working towards procuring additional devices for testing purposes, but if anyone has any experience working with Kindles or other devices, feel free to provide your feedback.