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Always Love a Villain on San Juan Island

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    In the fourth mystery in the Islands Investigations International series, Noel Franklin and Kyra Rachel are called to Moresby University on San Juan Island to investigate a case of possible plagiarism. As they look into the theft, the two get to know the small island’s university. They soon discover another, more menacing crime: the daughter of a professor engaged in highly sensitive research has been kidnapped. And her ransom is a piece of intellectual property far greater than any manuscript. While Noel and Kyra navigate the murky waters of university politics and come closer to discovering the origins of the crimes and their perpetrators, their lives are first threatened and then terrorized.

    Kyra, an insurance investigator, and Noel, a former journalist, pair up their sleuthing skills once again in Always Love a Villain on San Juan Island, as they investigate crimes and mysteries in the Pacific Northwest.

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