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An army of problem solvers: reconciliation and the solutions ecomomy

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    First Nations reconciliation has to include rebuilding local economies. Problem solvers such as social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and the small farm movement are demonstrating we can tackle society’s most stubborn problems affordably.  How do we reinvent government to make it all happen?

    Shaun Loney is an Ashoka Fellow (first in Canadian Prairies) and Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year (2014). He has co-founded and mentored 11 social enterprises including BUILD Inc (2011 Scotia Bank EcoLiving Green Business of the year and 2013 Manitoba Apprenticeship Employer of the Year).  Shaun was Director of Energy Policy for the Government of Manitoba (2002-2008) and a political advisor to Gary Doer’s NDP (1997-2002).

    • The upside of down : confessions of an ex-bureaucrat
    • Who are the problem solvers? How the solutions economy works
    • Economic reconciliation : re-imagining indigenous economies
    • Food for change : an example of connecting problem solvers with problems
    • Power up : energy and employment solutions for First Nations
    • Growing solutions : diversifying the food system to curb health and other costs
    • Correcting the corrections system : an employment solution to an expensive crime problem
    • Making money, making change : social entrepreneurs
    • Measuring change : a 'seven generations' economy
    • On Uber and complementary currencies : modern tools for old problems
    • Reinventing government : a word to bureaucrats and politicians
    • The end of welfare : the case for a cost-neutral basic income guarantee
    • A $15 per hour minimum wage : full-time work should pay the bills
    • Agree to agree : transforming the political spectrum.
    Original Publisher: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Shaun Loney
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780995268500