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An army of problem solvers / reconciliation and the solutions ecomomy

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    "An Army of Problem Solvers examines the Solutions Economy, where social enterprise, government, community, and individuals create prosperity with green jobs, community economic development, and innovation."--

    • The upside of down : confessions of an ex-bureaucrat
    • Who are the problem solvers? How the solutions economy works
    • Economic reconciliation : re-imagining indigenous economies
    • Food for change : an example of connecting problem solvers with problems
    • Power up : energy and employment solutions for First Nations
    • Growing solutions : diversifying the food system to curb health and other costs
    • Correcting the corrections system : an employment solution to an expensive crime problem
    • Making money, making change : social entrepreneurs
    • Measuring change : a 'seven generations' economy
    • On Uber and complementary currencies : modern tools for old problems
    • Reinventing government : a word to bureaucrats and politicians
    • The end of welfare : the case for a cost-neutral basic income guarantee
    • A $15 per hour minimum wage : full-time work should pay the bills
    • Agree to agree : transforming the political spectrum.
    Éditeur original: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Shaun Loney
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 9780995268500