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Chinese fairy tale feasts : a literary cookbook

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  • Author: Yee, Paul
    Contributor: Wang, Shaoli

    In this enchanting collection of fairy tales, including original stories and interpretations of Chinese folklore by master storyteller Paul Yee, a glorious procession of characters - peasants, ghosts, merchants, demons, villagers and kings - make their appearance. The stories presented here all feature food prominently; and each tale is followed by a simple recipe for a classic Chinese dish relevant to the story. Yee also offers scholarly anecdotes on Chinese culture and culinary history, whilst the dazzling drawings give a wealth of cultural details.

    • Banquet of waste
    • Congee (rice porridge)
    • Stretch and fold, stretch and fold
    • Dan-dan mian (noodles with peanut sauce)
    • A wondrous pear tree
    • Almond jelly with fresh fruit
    • Magic rice on the mountain
    • Fried rice
    • The schoolmaster's autumn festival
    • Roasted sweet potatoes
    • Monkey fights white bone
    • Crisp tofu and stir-fried bok-choy
    • Steamed bread and salt
    • Man-tou (steamed bread)
    • Third lady of plank bridge
    • Green onion pancakes
    • The hall of contented cravings
    • Won ton soup
    • West ocean greens
    • Watercress soup
    • New world cinderella
    • Steamed fish with black bean sauce
    • The ungrateful wolf
    • Beef lettuce wraps
    • Gods : one wise, one not
    • Poached chicken with green onion and ginger sauce.
    Original Publisher: Northampton, Massachusetts, Crocodile Books
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781566569934
    Collection(s)/Series: BC Summer Reading Club 2019