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The death of the necromancer

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  • Publisher:
    Martha Wells, 1998
    Note: This book was purchased with support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability Component.


  • Auteur: Wells, Martha
    Edition: ebook ed.

    This is the ebook edition of The Death of the Necromancer, originally published by Avon Eos in 1998. Nicholas Valiarde is a passionate, embittered nobleman with an enigmatic past. He is also the greatest thief in all of Ile-Rien. Under cover of darkness on the streets of the gaslit city, he assumes the guise of a master criminal, stealing jewels from wealthy nobles to finance his quest for vengeance: the murder of Count Montesq. Montesq orchestrated the wrongful execution of Nicholas's beloved godfather Edouard on false charges of necromancy, the art of divination through communion with spirits of the dead, a practice long outlawed in the kingdom of Ile-Rien. But now Nicholas's murderous mission is being interrupted by a series of eerie, unexplainable, fatal events. Someone with tremendous magical powers is opposing him, and traces of a necromantic power that hasn't been used for centuries appear. And when a spiritualist unwittingly leads Nicholas to a decrepit old house, the truly monstrous nature of his peril finally emerges.

    Sujet(s): Magic | Divination | Thieves
    Éditeur original: [s.l.], Martha Wells
    Langue(s): English