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Dorn of the Mountains

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  • Auteur: GREY, Zane
    Contributor: Malcolm, Jim

    Milt Dorn is a quiet man. He wasn't looking for trouble that day in the deep mountain forest, but trouble found him. Dorn overheard an ambitious rancher plotting with an outlaw to kidnap the daughters of the owner of a neighboring spread. If he acted quickly, Dorn hoped he could save the girls by spiriting them away before the outlaw's gang took them off the stage on the way to town. But now the gang's begun a ruthless search of the forest, determined to find their prey...and kill anyone who tries to stop them!

    Sujet(s): Arizona | Western stories
    Éditeur original: Perth, Western Australia, Association for the Blind of Western Australia
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 9781594146213