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Fireside ghost stories

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  • Author: Mott, A. S.
    Contributor: Ryan, Janice

    "More devilish delights for fireside reading by the Connoisseur of Creepy himself, A.S. Mott. An ideal stocking stuffer! - a beautiful young widow is shocked to discover, upon her own accidental death, that her late husband has chosen to spend his afterlife haunting another woman... - after a 16 year-old girl dies from a botched operation, her spirit decides to remain with her family. During the year that follows, the young ghost records what she sees in her diary... - in order to win his girlfriend's father's approval, a nervous young man agrees to go on a hunting trip, only to learn -too late - what the older man is really hunting for... - a group of cynical contestants on a reality game show wander through a haunted insane asylum, completely unaware of what is happening to the show's crew..."--

    • In his head
    • The cellar dwellers
    • Mary's tree
    • The charitable spirit
    • Loyalty
    • Jeremy's summer
    • Fetaboy
    • An island memory
    • The phantom and the wrath
    • With her face in his hands
    • The ghost hunters
    • The chronicler
    • A voice in the dark.
    Sujets: Ghost stories | Ghosts | Tales
    Original Publisher: [Edmonton, Alberta], Lonepine Publishing
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781774510087
    Collection(s)/Series: Read Alberta Ebooks