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Foundations of clinical research applications to practice

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  • Contributor: Watkins, Mary P.
    Edition: 3rd ed
    • Pt. I. Foundations of Clinical Research 1. Concept of Clinical Research 2. Role of Theory in Clinical Research 3. Ethical Issues in Clinical Research Pt. II. Concepts of Measurement 4. Principles of Measurement 5. Reliability of Measurements 6. Validity of Measurements Pt. III. Designing Clinical Research 7. Asking the Research Question 8. Sampling 9. Validity in Experimental Design 10. Experimental Designs 11. Quasi-Experimental Designs 12. Single-Subject Designs 13. Exploratory Research: Observational Designs 14. Descriptive Research 15. Surveys and Questionnaires 16. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis Pt. IV. Data Analysis 17. Descriptive Statistics 18. Statistical Inference 19. Comparing Two Means: The t-Test 20. Comparing More Than Two Means: Analysis of Variance 21. Multiple Comparison Tests 22. Nonparametric Tests for Group Comparisons 23. Correlation 24. Regression 25. Measures of Association for Categorical Variables: Chi-Square 26. Statistical Measures of Reliability 27. Statistical Measures of Validity 28. Epidemiology: Measuring Risk 29. Multivariate Analysis 30. Data Management Pt. V. Communication 31. Searching the Literature 32. Writing a Research Proposal 33. Reporting the Results of Clinical Research 34. Evaluating Research Reports App. A. Statistical Tables App. B. Relating the Research Question to the Choice of Statistical Test App. C. Power and Sample Size App. D. Transformation of Data App. E. Sample Informed Consent Form.
    Original Publisher: Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson/Prentice Hall, c2009
    Language(s): English