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The literary history of Saskatchewan : volume 1, beginnings

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  • Contributor: Carpenter, David
    • v. 1. Beginnings. "Our new storytellers": Cree literature in Saskatchewan / Kristina Fagan Bidwell
    • The literary construction of Saskatchewan before 1905: narratives of trade, rebellion and settlement / Wendy Roy
    • Settlement and dispossession in early twentieth-century Saskatchewan literature / Jenny Kerber
    • Saskatchewan visions and visions of Saskatchewan: literary development in the 1940s / Christian Riegel
    • Saskatchewan literature of the 1950s / Peter Webb
    • Literary tributes. R.D. Symons / Douglas Gibson ; John V. (Victor) Hicks / Paula Jane Remlinger ; Terrence Heath / T.F. Rigelhof ; Arthur L. Karras / David Carpenter
    • Snapshots of Saskatchewan literature
    • Literary nonfiction in Saskatchewan / Myrna Kotash
    • Playwriting in Saskatchewan: an overview / Dwayne Brenna
    • The new generation: the '70s remembered / Ken Mitchell
    • Feral muse, angelic muse: the poetry of Anne Szumigalski / Hilary Clark
    • A prairie pride: the voices, stories and legacies of the Moose Jaw Movement / Susan Gingell, with Lisa Johnson and Cristen Polley
    • Eminent migrants and the community / Martin Winquist.
    Éditeur original: Regina, SN, Coteau Books
    Langue(s): English