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Notes From the Other China Adventures in Asia

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  • Publisher:
    Algora Publishing, 2008
    Note: This book was purchased with support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability Component.


  • Author: Parfitt, Troy

    Parfitt takes a look at Korea's fever-pitch nationalism and gives an assessment of the world's only Chinese democracy, has a run-in with a Nepalese rhinoceros and one or two equally volatile Vietnamese tour guides  and ponders the actions and reactions of the people he meets. In these pages he shares his encounters with language students from all walks of life, hotel-keepers, and sometimes — weirdest of all — his fellow travelers, in some of the less commonly visited parts of Asia. In a style that may be compared to early Bill Bryson ("You can't help but enjoy his writing, for its cheer and buoyancy, and for the frequent demonstration of his peculiar, engaging turn of mind." –Ottawa Citizen), Parfitt endures the jolts of traveling where there is no real travel industry, touring where there is no real tourist industry, and teaching map-reading skills where there is no Western-style logic and adults freely admit they can hardly find their way to work and back. He shares it all with the reader, over a beer, and all is well again with the world. Then he's off to look for more. Steering clear of politics, Parfitt focuses on the individual humans he meets. This is a glimpse of real life in the shadow of China, neither a dry-as-dust academic treatise nor a heroic tale of surviving the Cultural Revolution. Simple people greet the author with everything from spontaneous gestures of friendship to sudden slaps, from openness and warmth to rock-headed obtuseness, and the picture emerges of a fractured, diverse humanity muddling along and still getting by together in spite of all. Traveling with this mild-mannered Canadian, we go through much that is puzzling, frustrating, and down-right infuriating, yet we always comes through with a smile. Readers find they have enjoyed a diverse journey that covers a very broad terrain.

    Original Publisher: New York, Algora Publishing
    Language(s): English