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Removing the veil of deception : how to recognize lying signs, false wonders, and seducing spirits

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    Sure, unbelievers are susceptible to Satan's deceptions. But are Christians being deceived as well? Then answer, all too often, is yes. Unknowingly, many are swayed by scripturally unsound teaching as well as false prophecies and other unholy supernatural manifestations. Using biblical and modern-day examples, Barbara Wentroble shows readers how to identify the subtle deceptions Satan employs to cloud the hearts and minds of believers.

    • Introduction
    • Living in perilous times
    • Be not deceived
    • Lying signs, wonders, and apparitions
    • Seducing spirits and doctrines of demons
    • Judging the supernatural
    • Guarding against deception
    • Dangers of passivity and spiritual boredom
    • Deceptive practices through history
    • Deliverance and healing
    • Forgiveness and breaking destructive habit patterns
    • An anointing to break you out of deception.
    Éditeur original: Grand Rapids, MI, Chosen Books
    Langue(s): English