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We still demand! : redefining resistance in sex and gender struggles

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  • Contributor: Scholars Portal; Kinsman, Gary William; Rankin, L. Pauline; Gentile, Patrizia

    We Still Demand! recovers vibrant and unsung histories of sex and gender activism across Canada from the 1970s to the present. Departing from conventional accounts, this book demonstrates the varied nature of resistance and the productive power of remembering sex and gender struggles. In attending to the records and accounts that have slipped out of view, it also redraws the boundaries between activism and scholarship. The first part of the book remembers these struggles. Drawing on a rich history of activism, the contributors recall 1970s same-sex marriage activism; early queer union organizing; organizing against police repression; early trans organizing; the emergence of dyke marches; the organization of black queer space at Toronto Pride events. The second part of the book rethinks past and current struggles. The authors address gender "passing" in historical research; lesbian s/m porn; sex-worker organizing; problems with organizing against "human trafficking"; queer immigration and refugee struggles; and trans identity. By recovering the history of activism and outlining contemporary challenges, We Still Demand! provides a vital rewriting of the history of sex and gender activism that will enlighten current struggles and activate new forms of resistance.

    • Liberating marriage : gay liberation and same-sex marriage in early 1970s Canada / Elise Chenier
    • "Seducing the unions" : organized labour and strategies for gay liberation in Toronto in the 1970s / Mathieu Brûlé
    • "À bas la répression contre les homosexuels!" Resistance and surveillance of queers in Montreal, 1971-76 / Patrizia Gentile
    • Fire, passion, and politics : the creation of blockorama as Black queer diasporic space in the Toronto Pride festivities / Beverly Bain
    • The emergence of the Toronto Dyke March / Allison Burgess
    • Rupert Raj, transmen, and sexuality : the politics of transnormativity in Metamorphosis magazine during the 1980s / Nicholas Matte
    • Queer resistance and regulation in the 1970s : from liberation to rights / Gary Kinsman
    • "A history of that which was never supposed to be possible" : rethinking gender passing in history / Fabien Rose
    • "Your cuntry needs you" : the politics of early 1990s Canadian S/M dyke porn / Andrea Zanin
    • Safe sex work and the city : Canadian sex worker activists re-imagine real/virtual cityscapes / Shawna Ferris
    • "Collateral damage" : anti-trafficking campaigns, border security, and sex workers' rights struggles in Canada / Annalee Lepp
    • Nationalism, sexuality, and the politics of anti-citizenship / Cynthia Wright
    • Trans-ing the Canadian passport : on the biopolitical storying of race, gender, and borders / Bobby Nobel.
    Original Publisher: Vancouver [British Columbia], UBC Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780774833363
    Collection(s)/Series: Anti-Racist Resources | LGBTQIA2S+