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Deleting NNELS Titles from an iPad

Step by step instructions to delete NNELS contents from a device with iTunes

Directions for Deleting a Title

1.    Connect the iPad to the computer using the USB cable.
2.    iTunes should open automatically, but if not then you will need to open it manually.
3.    Select the “iPad” button with the arrow on the upper right hand side of the iTunes screen. This will bring up the menu options for your iPad.
4.    Select “Apps” from the menu for the iPad.
5.    Scroll down to “File Sharing”.
6.    Click the “DaisyWorm App”. It should be highlighted in blue now. To the right, you will see a box listing any and all DaisyWorm documents already loaded on the Ipad.
7.    Click the name of the file/book you would like to delete. It should be highlighted in blue.
8.    Hit the “Delete” button on your keyboard.
9.    iTunes will ask you if you are sure you would like to delete this item, select “Delete.”