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Basic steps to make a quick DAISY book

OS: all
Tools: Word processor (any), DAISY Pipeline

Using word processor software, such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Microsoft Word, follow these steps to prepare a quick DAISY book:

  • Set the title of the document to the style "Title".
  • Add a blurb for the production that explains how production is being done. E.g.:

    About this digital talking book:

    Navigation of this digital talking book is by chapter at the first navigation level. This is a talking book prepared for the National Network of Equitable Library Service. May 2013.

  • Check for Find and Replace work to do on common mistakes or target abbreviations.

  • Combine separate chapter files into a single file, if not already combined.
  • Set chapter titles to "Heading 1".
  • Add pagination.
  • Save as .doc.
  • Proof again to make document as error free as possible by assessing typical scanning pitfalls:
    • How to manage running title errors
    • Predictable abbreviations
    • Egregious OCR errors
  • Save as DTBook XML.
  • Open DAISY Pipeline.
  • Choose Create and distribute.
  • Choose TTS Narrator.
  • Run the job to generate the DAISY book.
  • When the job is complete, run the Pipeline job for Modify and Improve -> Multiformat -> Audio tagger. This will generate the playlist.