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Canadian literature

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    Tanti, Melissa, Haynes, Jeremy, Coleman, Daniel, York, Lorraine, Bucknor, Michael, Collett, Anne, Cuder-Domínguez, Pilar, Fraile-Marcos, Ana María, Ivanovici, Cristina, Kalicanin, Milena, Kamboureli, Smaro, Kürtösi, Katalin, Lopicic, Vesna, Martín-Lucas, Belén, Omhovère, Claire, Otrísalová, Lucia, Sparling, Don, Verduyn, Christl, Yeoman, Elizabeth

    The dismantling of “Understanding Canada”—an international program eliminated by Canada’s Conservative government in 2012—posed a tremendous potential setback for Canadianists. Yet Canadian writers continue to be celebrated globally by...


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