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Reading App and Ebook Videos

These short and sweet videos review popular mainstream and library ebook reading software, and discuss the accessibilty features of the main ebook format (EPUB). These videos have been created by NNELS accessibility testers who have vision impairments. You can access detailed written reports on the accessibilty of library reading apps on the Accessible Publishing website.

Reading in EPUB
This video has been produced in collaboration with the DAISY Consortium and thanks to support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships... Read more
EPUB: An Introduction
This short video demonstrates how readers listen to and navigate a book. A well laid-out EPUB with excellent navigation is opened and read, followed by one in... Read more
The importance of recording a navigation point for each new section in a book is stressed. A book with a full table of contents screen is shown, being easy to... Read more
EPUB: Headings
Two books are listened to, but only one offers a helpful pause between chapters. As such, producers are encouraged to begin each new section with a correctly-... Read more
EPUB: Page Navigation
Two books are shown: one with the ability to select a particular page to read, the other with a blank page navigation pane. Producers are thus asked to include... Read more
EPUB: Fixed Layout
The ease of reading and navigating books that allow for reflowable content is contrasted with those produced in fixed layout which present a choppy, disjointed... Read more
Reading App: VitalSource Bookshelf
VitalSource Bookshelf for Windows is a feature-rich application. It's capable of reading text in EPUB books with its built-in read-aloud feature. Some... Read more
Reading App: Dolphin EasyReader
Dolphin EasyReader has a clean, minimal interface that is quick to learn and easy to use. The app has a fantastic read-aloud feature with Pause and Resume... Read more
Reading App: Cloudshelf Reader
Cloudshelf has an easy-to-understand interface, with features that are well-designed and completely accessible. Books can be copied to Cloudshelf right from... Read more
Reading App: Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge is a powerful reading application for Windows 10. The app has a fantastic read-aloud feature with Pause and Resume buttons, and offers clear... Read more
Reading App: CaptiVoice
This video is a tutorial of CaptiVoice version 3.0.1 on iOS. It has been produced with the generous support of the Government of Canada. CaptiVoice is a stable... Read more