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Text-Readable PDF Production

Please note that these instructions were originally provided by another organization, and were specific to their work. If you are part of the NNELS network and would like to suggest improvements, please post in the forums or contact us.

OS: Windows
Tools: Adobe Acrobat Professional

After scanning has been completed, go to the directory where the files were saved and open the scanned pdf files in Adobe Acrobat Professional.

  1. Crop the pages to remove most of the margins.

  2. Number the pages of the entire file using the Page Numbering function in Options drop-down list and number the pages  according to the numbering system used in the print copy.

  3. After numbering pages, check if any pages are missing in the file

  4. Save the file title.pdf.

The original procedures to create alternate format materials were published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License with original authorship attributed to the work teams and best practices of the College and Institute Library Services (CILS) group.