What is the NNELS Connector?

A connector means that eligible patrons can log into NNELS with their library card number and PIN, so long as their patron or borrower type is set correctly in the library’s Integrated Library System (ILS). The connector saves patrons having to fill out a NNELS application form and ensures all patron information remains with the library, which is our preference as a service to libraries.

The connector itself works over either SIP2 (for which we have a secure tunnel) or Web Services protocols. Every time a patron logs into NNELS, the connector checks the library’s ILS to verify:

  1. the patron’s library barcode number and PIN
  2. the patron’s borrower type (which must be set correctly by library staff)
  3. any blocks set by the library (expired cards or maximum fines, for example, or as determined by the library).

NNELS does not collect individual patron transaction information, such as the titles or number of books borrowed, but does collect organization-level information including patron and download count per library.

Library Requirements

At this time, libraries must be from a participating province (AB, BC, MB, NS, NU, NWT, SK, YT). If your library is not in a participating province please contact the NNELS Project Coordinator to ask about future service options. In order to obtain a connector, libraries must be using one of the following ILS systems: Evergreen (Sitka and Spruce), Horizon/Symphony, Library Solutions, Millenium/Sierra, and Polaris. If you have a different ILS, it might still work: please contact the NNELS Project Coordinator to see if it is supported.

Your library must provide its own SIP2 or Web Services capability.

We need to work with technical staff committed to working together until the connector is complete.


Some libraries may need to purchase an additional SIP license for their ILS. Please check with your ILS vendor. Aside from the SIP license and minimal staff time to work with our development team, there are no costs to the library to develop a connector.


The alternative to a connector is using “temporary accounts” which are used by patrons whose libraries use a non-supported ILS, or by libraries who have not expressed interest in having a connector. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the NNELS Project Coordinator.