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Back to the well rethinking the future of water

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    "Water is a renewable resource, but what are its limits? Between drawing down our resources of fresh water at ever-increasing rates and continuing to pollute water that should have been cleaned up decades ago, are we entering upon a global crisis? Is water a human right? Who owns water? Who is responsible for keeping it clean and ensuring it gets to the people who need it most? Is privatization of ownership and supply networks an unmitigated evil? In his follow-up to Water: the Fate of Our Most Precious Resource (1999), Marq de Villiers assesses the state of water on Earth today and looks at the ways its use and abuse encompasses intersections between our daily personal water use, agriculture, energy policy, climate change, national security, and global conflicts. How these issues impact each other and how political ideologies and competing priorities often obscure underlying issues or make the best solutions unpalatable to vocal and influential, but ideologically blinkered, actors. De Villiers urges us to cut through the hype to see not a global crisis, but myriad local and regional problems that can be solved in different ways through local actions. Marq de Villiers is a celebrated author and journalist. He lives in Eagle Head, on Nova Scotia's South Shore."--Provided by publisher.

    Original Publisher: Fredericton, NB, Goose Lane Editions
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    ISBN: 9780864928023
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