Knucklehead : a novel

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  • Author: Lennox, Matt

    Ashley Rosco works as a bouncer at the only nightclub in a small town, spending his off-hours training as a bodybuilder. He occasionally acts as muscle for his best friend, Darren, a small-time drug dealer. Darrens girlfriend, Chass, has had her own problems with drugs, and has lost custody of her young daughter. Both Darren and Chass have been acting strangely, but things really change when Ash gets a call from Chass on a bad connection, asking for his help. Chass is Ashs cousin and, as we discover, the secret love of his life. Chass disappears the next day, and Ash cant shake the feeling that something has gone terribly wrong.

    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781443432528, 1443432520
    Collection(s)/Series: Canada Reads 2017