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The Necklace: 13 Women, 1 Diamond necklace and a fabulous idea

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  • Author: Cheryl Jarvis
    Contributor: Julia Sherburn

    This is the amazing story of thirteen women who don't want to give up on their dreams, on fun or on friendship. They club together to buy this amazing necklace, each of them get it for four weeks at a time. They meet every month to find out what the necklace (now dubbed 'Jewellia') has been up to. The club has some rules: if someone goes to Paris, they get the necklace. At least once, everyone has to wear the necklace whilst making love. It's now two years later, and the necklace has been loaned out to nieces, grandmas, friends and granddaughters. It has been worn by brides and colleagues and sisters and friends. And when it's their turn for the necklace the women of Jewelia have worn it for both the daily routines and special events of their lives, to teach school, to sell work in the farmer's market, to go fishing and skydiving. It's raised money for charity. It's started a movement. The Travelling Necklace is the story of how an object of desire became a catalyst for connection, friendship and more. It's like Calendar Girls, only maybe a bit more glamorous, glitzy and sparkling. It's a book people are going to buy for their best friends and their mothers. A true story that reads like a movie script - magazine style.

    Original Publisher: Perth, Western Australia, ABWA
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780007273720