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    Nightwood Editions, 2020


  • Author: Saadi, Yusuf

    Pluviophile  veers through various poetic visions and traditions in search of the sacred within and beyond language. Its poems continually revitalize form, imagery and sonancy to reconsider the ways we value language, beauty and body. The collection houses sonnets and other shorter poems between larger, more meditative runes. One of these longer poems, "The Place Words Go to Die," winner of  The Malahat Review 's 2016 Far Horizons Award for Poetry, imagines an underworld where words are killed and reborn, shedding their signifiers like skin to re-enter a symbiotic relationship with the human, where " saxum  [is] sacrificed and born again as  saxifrage ." From here the poems shift to diverse locations, from Montreal to Kolkata, from the moon to the gates of heaven.

    Subject(s): Fiction | Poetry
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780889713758
    Collection(s)/Series: Griffin Poetry Prize 2021