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World history : cultures, states, and societies to 1500


  • Contributor: bUniversity of North Georgia Press; BC Open Textbook Project; BCcampus

    "World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500 offers a comprehensive introduction to the history of humankind from prehistory to 1500. Authored by six USG faculty members with advance degrees in History, this textbook offers up-to-date original scholarship. It covers such cultures, states, and societies as Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Israel, Dynastic Egypt, India's Classical Age, the Dynasties of China, Archaic Greece, the Roman Empire, Islam, Medieval Africa, the Americas, and the Khanates of Central Asia. It includes 350 high-quality images and maps, chronologies, and learning questions to help guide student learning. Its digital nature allows students to follow links to applicable sources and videos, expanding their educational experience beyond the textbook."--BC Campus website.

    • Chapter One: Prehistory
    • Chapter Two: Early Middle Eastern and Northeast African Civilizations
    • Chapter Three: Ancient and Early Medieval India
    • Chapter Four: China and East Asia to the Ming Dynasty
    • Chapter Five: The Greek World from the Bronze Age to the Roman Conquest
    • Chapter Six: The Roman World from 753 BCE to 500 CE
    • Chapter Seven: Western Europe and Byzantium circa 500
    • 1000 CE
    • Chapter Eight: Islam to the Mamluks
    • Chapter Nine: African History to 1500
    • Chapter Ten: The Americas
    • Chapter Eleven: Central Asia
    • Chapter Twelve: Western Europe and Byzantium circa1000 -1500 CE.
    Original Publisher: Dahlonega, GA, University of North Georgia Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781940771106, 1940771102
    Collection(s)/Series: BC Open Textbooks