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User Manager Training

Checking NNELS Account Applications

Because your library does not have a NNELS connector, people registering for NNELS accounts from your community will need your help to approve their account applications. There is no other way these individuals can access NNELS.

The process of approving new accounts is as follows:

  1. An individual who wants a NNELS account visits the NNELS website, clicks on "Sign-Up", searches for their library, and then completes the registration form.
  2. When a new form is submitted, the library’s User Manager automatically receives an email notification containing a link to that form.
  3. The User Manager logs in to NNELS and then clicks on the email link.
  4. User Manager locates the applicant’s contact information (phone number or email address) and if the applicant is unknown, the User Manager contacts the individual to confirm that they have a print disability, or is acting on behalf of someone who does.

    Some people apply for NNELS accounts because they see an opportunity for free audiobooks, and they may not actually be eligible for access; however, this conversation is a good opportunity to explore the library service options.

  5. The User Manager approves or rejects the account:
    • If the new user is eligible for a NNELS account, the User Manger sets the user’s account to “active” (the default is “blocked”), and checks that the applicant’s library barcode number is correct. The account will be activated as soon as the User Manager clicks "save". The final step is to notify the applicant that the account is active.
    • If the user is ineligible for NNELS, the User Manager forwards the email notification to with a note asking us to remove this account application. NNELS staff will delete the account completely.

If an account application sits unapproved for several days, NNELS staff will contact the library's User Manager directly.

Patron Privacy

NNELS collects and uses personal information only for the purposes of confirming eligibility for access to NNELS.

NNELS will never rent or sell user information. NNELS only shares a patron's contact information with an individual’s home library to confirm access, or at the individual’s request for library service.

Next Steps

If this process works for you, then you are ready to finalise your NNELS User Manager Account. Please proceed to the Confirmation Page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us: