Manitoba Training for NNELS September 24th


NNELS is delighted to be offering training for September 24th at 1pm. 

  • Toll-free dial-in number: (866) 269-6685. 
  • Conference code: 680 9838 591

This will be of interest to any library staff and especially those who seek to provide excellent customer service to persons with a print disability. 

Join us to:

  • Become familiar with NNELS content
  • Learn how to search for, locate, download and transfer books on behalf of print-disabled patrons
  • Be able to demonstrate the system and answer questions patrons may have about independent downloads
  • Learn about print disability library cards in Manitoba
  • Find out about open access resources as well as copyright exempt materials
  • Talk to us about how your library's requests will build the Canada's accessible online public library

What do you need to bring:

  • Internet access to nnels on a computer, iOS device, or android
  • Library logins
  • Enthusiasm for equitable access library services
  • Your questions

Drop us a note at to let us know we can expect you.


Hi. I forgot to register but I am listening in and looking at the materials. 


Chantelle LeVasseur - Manitou Regional Library

Hi, we are on line, but you could not hear us - we can hear you.

Bonnie and Judith

The telephone connection was horrible.  I asked another librarian and she agreed so it wasn't on my end.  I didn't catch a lot of what was said. :-(


Yes our connection was not very good.  I kept missing key points.  Interesting though. Still lots of questions about accessability for possible users of this website.

Mary Anne Lamy Border Regional Library

What is the time limit for borrowing an item on NNELS?

The session was informative but the connection was weak, especially at the beginning.

Fran Montcalm Library