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Microphone Kit Instructions

Your USB Microphone Kit includes:

  1. AT2020 usb+ cardiod condenser microphone
  2. Headphones + cable
  3. Microphone muff
  4. Desktop mic stand
  5. USB cable for connecting microphone to USB port
  6. Adaptor for USB - mini (for Android if working from a tablet or phone)
  7. Cable for microphone to lightning (if working from an iPhone or iPad)

Setting up:

  1. Attach microphone to desktop mic-stand by screwing in to mic-stand top.
  2. Connect microphone to your computer, tablet or phone using relevant cable or cable +adaptor. Output plug is at the base of the microphone.
  3. Place microphone muff on top of microphone.
  4. Open chosen recording software. Most software will either connect to the microphone automatically or prompt you to accept using the microphone. If you do not receive a prompt, go to your preferences within the software and choose the AT2020+ as your device for input and output.
  5. Turn volume (dial with headphone image below) to zero to begin, then adjust once you have set your input levels.
  6. Plug your headphones into the headphone jack at the back of the microphone.
  7. To the left of the volume control is the monitoring control. This allows you to either listen to just what is coming into the microphone (i.e. your voice) by dialling to the hard left or listening to just what is coming out of your recording software (your recorded voice) by dialling to the hard right. Anything in between is a blend of the two at your preference. While you are recording it's best to only listen to the mic so that there is no delay in what you are saying into the mic and what you are hearing. Then when you want to listen back to your recording you will need to move the dial to the "com" side.
  8. Next you want to be setting up your microphone on its deskstand so that it is comfortably placed in front of you. You should aim to have the microphone front about 10cm away from your mouth with yourself in a comfortable and relaxed position. Remember you will also be reading from a book or device and that you will be in that position for a while! So it is very important that you are not straining or reaching for the microphone. Please watch our training video on mic technique before getting started.
  9. And finally to set your input level. Also named recording level, input gain or mic level. This control is on your recording software and it is the most important element of getting a quality recording. To help you understand how to best set this level we have made a training video on acoustics and input level. Remember that you want the peaks of your voice to be tapping the meter between -12 and -6db. 
  10. Now you are ready to record your sample!