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NNELS 101 for Manitoba Libraries


Library Community,

Thank you so much for your interest in and support for this project! We're looking forward to working with you. If you have any questions or concerns please contact or call 1-(204)-726-6218 to speak with someone in Manitoba.

Quick Links: Form: Sample Manitoba Self-Declaration | Form: Sample Competent Authority | Sign-up instructions for patrons (coming soon) | How to burn a DAISY disc

1. NNELS Forms

The NNELS forms provided on the NNELS website are sample documents which are intended to be adapted to the local needs of libraries. Local public libraries are encouraged to brand the documents as per their standards, and provide their contact information regarding the Collection Notice on the forms.

2. How do eligible patrons register for NNELS?

First-time NNELS users from Manitoba libraries can follow these steps:

  1. Go to their public library and complete a self-declaration form or a competent authority form as needed.
  2. Click on the "Sign-up" link on the NNELS website.
  3. Locate your local library.
  4. Click on the link to log in with their library card number and PIN.

(Please ask patrons to contact the library if their login does not work.)

Should your library need one, we offer Sample Manitoba Self-Declaration and Sample Manitoba Competent Authority forms. Please contact if you have any questions about process or eligibility.

3. What do library staff need to know about patron types?

In Evergreen:

  • In Evergreen, assign eligible patrons to the patron profile called "PL- Print Disabled".
  • For NNELS, please assign new print-disabled the "PL- Print Disabled" patron type.

In Horizon:

  • Assign eligible patrons to the patron profile called "pd".
  • For NNELS, please assign new print-disabled patrons to the "pd" patron type.

Additional ILS will be added to this list as the Manitoba implementation process moves forward. Please notify existing patrons with print disabilities about NNELS, and if you have questions about the p-type, please email

4. What do I do if a patron reports having trouble logging in to NNELS?

  1. Has the patron been assigned the correct patron-type? See Number 3 above.
  2. Is the patron entering her/his barcode and library-issued PIN number correctly? If the PIN is incorrect, you can change it in your ILS and notify the patron.

If problems persist, please contact

5. How do our patrons find out about NNELS?

For now, patrons learn about NNELS from you and other library staff. Please notify your existing patrons with print disabilities that they can use NNELS.

If your patrons have problems or questions, they can email at any time.

6. How do we add a link to NNELS on our website?

Since this is one way that your patrons can access the NNELS site, we ask that all libraries add a link to NNELS on their websites. Please put the link in an obvious place so that people with print disabilities have an easy time finding it (if you'd like a suggestion, please email

  • Download a NNELS Logo. When you have downloaded the one you want, you may change the file name to "nnels-logo.png" and upload it to your library's website.
  • Please use this text or a close approximation: "Digital talking books for people with print disabilities available from NNELS. This library is participating!"
  • Here is a block of HTML code you may put onto your website (you might have to fix the path to the logo file, depending on your website): <a title="" href=""">"><img alt="NNELS logo with link to" src=""">" /></a> Digital talking books for people with print disabilities available from NNELS. This library is participating! <a title="Login to NNELS" href=""">">Log in with your library card.</a>

7. What kind of content is available from NNELS?

Content is predominately popular fiction and non-fiction for adults, though there are some juvenile titles as well. Approximately 10,000 titles are currently available in the NNELS catalogue and most are in English; content in French and other languages is likely to become available later in 2014. Content is selected through a legally-verified process and is based on requests from readers with print disabilities. Most titles are in DAISY format, although there are some e-braille and e-text books. Questions? is always listening.

8. How do we request books for our readers?

Our shared goal is to make it easy for everyone to come into a library and get the information they're looking for. If you or one of your patrons are searching the NNELS database and discover that the needed information does not yet exist in an accessible format, please use our title request form

9. What technology should we be using?

Many librarians ask what technology we recommend and, unfortunately for those who prefer simplicity, every person has different needs, particularly when it comes to living with a print disability. Currently, we know that many devices (including DAISY readers, tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and some MP3 players) support DAISY books and other kinds of content available on the NNELS site. Rather than be prescriptive and advise you to buy certain devices, we encourage librarians to conduct their very best reference interviews to learn as much as possible about their patrons' needs.

If you feel stuck, curious, or uncertain about what to do, please contact — we're here to help.