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Printing NNELS Discs

This topic is on printing text and images on discs and packaging the discs.

Check our help section for instructions on how to burn CDs, or if you specifically use SureThing or PTPublisher, please see the forum post on Using the Primera Bravo to burn discs.


Typically, 5" x 7" DVD cases are used. Similar to the following image:

Of course, your library may use whatever case they wish. However, we do also have a template insert that you can use, attached.

CD Printing Template

NNELS also has templates for SureThing and DiscCover3. If you use these programs to print CDs, please request the file from us.

If you have another type of disc printer, please feel free to create the template and send us a copy to share with others. You can grab a copy of our logo and place the title, author, format, narrator information similar the following image: