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Under-Represented Voices Project

Under-Represented Voices Project

This project works to ensure that the narrators voicing our audiobook productions are representative of the protaganists and/or authors identities.  We offer training, resources and wages to experienced and amateur narrators that identify as BIPOC +/or LGBTQ2S+ and/or Disabled.  To express your interest in narrating as part of the Under-Represented Voices Project please email our Audiobook Project Coordinator (  Please also communicate what identity/ies you feel you can represent. 

The Experience You Need:

Experience in acting, reading aloud, performance and singing are all assets.  Experience with recording is also an asset.  Neither of these sets of experiences are mandatory but an ease of vocal articulation and enunciation alongside a general comfort with technology and software is necessary. 

The Equipment You Need:

  • A quiet space with 'good' acoustics to work in. 
  • A device to record into
  • Recording software
  • Headphones
  • Microphone and soundcard

For more detailed equipment information please follow this link: A Basic Home Recording Set-Up

The Training Available:

  • Links to our training videos in narration and recording techniques
  • Digital guidelines in accessible audiobook production
  • Links to external software training resources
  • One-on-one video call with the Audiobook Recording Projects Coordinator
  • Support and guidance from our team along the recording process

The Wages:

We offer $100 per finished audio hour, or 40$ per hour for childrens picture books with image descriptions (childrens books would include a financial cap).  Please note that the goal is for narrators to walk away with between 30-50$ per hour. The more experience and comfort you have, the faster the process will be.  


Some Of The Titles We Have Published:

  • Learning to Fly by Paul Yee. Narrated by Matthew Lee
  • Black Writers Matter, Editor Whitney French. Narrated by Espoir Segbeaya
  • The Return by Dany Laferrière. Narrated by Laurie Torres
  • A Place Called No Homeland by Kai Cheng Thom. Narrated by Prakash Krishnan

Current Titles In Production:

  • High Rider by Bill Gallaher
  • The Heartbeat of Iran 
  • Divided Loyalties, Nilofar Shidmehr 
  • Intolerable, Kamal Al-Solaylee
  • My Journey, Olivia Chow
  • The Mighty River, Ginalina

Titles we are looking for narrators for: 

Please note, there are not many Indignenous titles on this list as we are running a specific project for Indigenous voices  called the First Nations, Métis and Inuit voices project.  If you are an author, publisher or narrator interested in participating in this project please contact our Audiobooks project coordinator directly here

Titles list:

  • Ho'onani: Hulu warrior, Heather Gale Link (LGBT, Hawaiin, children's book)
  • Abyss surrounds us, Emily Skrutskie Link (LGBTQ, Sci-fi, YA)
  • Indigenous Rights, a guide to First Nations, Métis and Inuit Issues in Canada, Chelsea Vowel Link
  • Pantomime, Laura lam. Link. (YA,Queer)
  • Bottle Rocket Hearts, Zoe Whittall Link (fiction, LGBT)
  • What we all long for, Dionne Brand (queer, black, vietnamese immigrant, fiction) Link
  • The Alchemists of Kush, Minister Faust (Black fiction, Sudanese, male protaganist, sci-fi) Link
  • Independence, Cecil Foster (Black fiction, Canadian, coming of age, Bajan) Link
  • Drawing down a daughter, Claire Harris (Black, fiction, poetry, birthing) Link
  • No Crystal Stair, Mairuth Sarsfield (Black, ficton, Montreal) Link
  • The Heart Does Not Bend, Makeda Silvera (Black, Canadian Jamaican, Family story, fiction) Link
  • Angry Queer Somali Boy, Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali (coming of age, memoir, queer, Somali) Link
  • The North-West is our Mother, Jean Teillet (Métis, non-fiction, history) Link
  • The Forbidden Purple City, Philip Huynh (Viatnamese diaspora, fiction) Link
  • Shut up, You're Pretty, Téa Mutjoni (short stories, Congolese-Canadian, Queer) Link
  • 'Membering, Austin Clarke (non-fiction, memoir, Bajan, refugee) Link
  • Intolerable, Kamal Al-Solaylee (memoir, Arab, LGBT) Link
  • My Journey, Olivia Chow (memoir, Immigrant, Asian-canadian) link
  • Mad Long Emotion, Ben Ladouceur (Poetry, Queer, LGBTQ) Link
  • Margins and Murmurations, Otter Lieffe (fiction, dystopian, trans) Link
  • Theory, Dionne Brand (Black, fiction, LGBTQIA+) Link
  • Homes, A Refugee Story, Abu Bakr AL Rabeeah and Winnie Yeung (memoir, refugee, immigrant, Iraqi, Syrian) Link
  • Unbroken, 13 Stories Starring Disabled Teens (disability, YA, short stories) Link
  • Something To Hang On To, Beverley Brenna (disability, pre-colonial, Cree, short stories, YA) Link
  • Prove it, Josh, Jenny Watson (Children's book, Dyslexia) Link
  • The Inconveniant Indian,Thomas King (non-fiction, Indigenous) Link