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Using the Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher to produce DAISY Discs

To Start

  • Download the zipped DAISY file that you wish to burn to disc
  • Unzip the file to a folder

Create Disc Cover

  • Launch Disc Cover 3 PE
  • Select NNELS from My Templates
  • Edit Title, Author, and Narrator
  • Save as [title_name].dcover and quit

NOTE: If you want to create additional covers, select File ->New From Assistant... to select the NNELS template again.

Create Disc

Step 1

  • Confirm that the BravoSE Disc Publisher is turned on and that it has sufficient discs in the hopper for your project
  • Launch PTPublisher

Step 2

  • Select Data Project
  • Click +
  • Select the all the contents of the unzipped folder and click Open
  • Enter an appropriate Disc Title
  • Make sure CD is selected on the drop-down box
  • Click the green right arrow.

Step 3

  • Click ... and select your disc cover
  • Click the green right arrow

Step 4

  • Enter an appropriate Project Name (e.g. the title of the book)
  • Click Go

NOTE: If you have any questions about operating the disc publishing device, please refer to the Primera BravoSE Disc Publisher manual.