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Overview is a Public Library Resources Centre (PLARC) that provides accessibility information for Canadian public library staff. The website offers curated accessibility and training resources to ensure that public libraries include accessibility in their workflow, including procurement and acquisitions, cataloguing, staff training and awareness, information technology, outreach and home services, and public services for patrons.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada Department of Canadian Heritage, through the Canada Book Fund. 

Curated Accessibility Resources

The Accessible Libraries curated accessibility resources link to external sites that are considered and provide trusted information on accessibility. These resources include guidelines and best practices to help libraries create an accessible environment and serve patrons with disabilities. To ensure that the website’s resources are good quality and from trusted sources, they are passed through an assessment matrix that rates the resources.

Training Resources developed the training resources on this website through research and consultations with library experts. Currently, the resources available expand on general accessibility information, providing a foundation for public library staff to build upon. These are expert resources as persons with disabilities helped create them.