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Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

We are excited to promote and celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). GAAD is dedicated to raising awareness of digital accessibility and inclusion, which is not just a priority but a driving force at NNELS.

Celebrating a Decade of NNELS

NNELS recently passed a milestone - it is officially 10 years old! Learn more about the history and work of NNELS, in this article about the last 10 years at NNELS.

The 2024 Canada Reads Short List

CBC Canada Reads have announced their short list, and this year, the great Canadian book debate is looking for one book to carry us forward. This years finalists are about finding the resilience and the hope needed to carry on and keep moving forward. Read more about the finalists here!

Looking for a Book?

Fulfilling reader requests for books in alternate formats is an important part of what we do! If you live in a NNELS territory or province, you can make requests anytime: log in, search for a book, and you'll find the request form on every page of search results.

Books in accessible formats for Canadians with print disabilities: produced by request, delivered by public libraries, and available across the country.

To get started, please search for your library, contact your nearest librarian, or drop us a line.

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