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Best Android DAISY Reader?

The best Android DAISY reader that supports DAISY 2 (the format used in CALS) we’ve found so far is Darwin Reader, which is a little pricey at $14.95, though the demo version works just fine for testing purposes. There are a couple of other other options that we've had less success with:

  • GoRead, which directly supports Bookshare books, but is limited to DAISY 3 and won't play most NNELS titles.
  • There is an Open source Daisy Reader app as well, which is worth keeping an eye on.

If you have any experience with these or other apps, your feedback would be welcome.


Would it be possible to distribute Daisy 2/3 combined files, instead of just Daisy 2? From what I can see, the formats can coexist (inside the same .zip file), and even use the same audio files. This means that there would be almost no overhead, and would increase the number of devices/apps that can play content from NNELS.

I'd be very interested to know where you read about this?

Unfortunately, none of the software that creates DAISY files I have seen creates both DAISY 2 & 3 in one, only separately. Most apps and devices that I have seen will read DAISY 2 only or both DAISY 2 & 3.