13 buildings children should know

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  • Author: Roeder, Annette
    Contributor: Michael, Jane

    The world's most iconic buildings are made accessible and exciting for young readers in this colorful introduction to architecture that changed the world.

    Children's fascination with buildings is a natural outgrowth of their curiosity about anything strange or huge or complex. This unique book brings together thirteen architectural wonders that have intrigued children for years. Through activities such as games, quizzes, drawings and other activities, it teaches them the history behind each of the buildings, and presents fascinating facts about the design, historical use, and construction techniques. This book features pyramids built by men with pulleys, a tower that leans, an opera house shaped like a sailboat, a museum built like a spiral, and the most recent example, a "bird's nest" stadium where the 2008 summer Olympics were held. Each of these buildings and more are introduced to young readers through lively texts and illustrations that will serve to heighten their interest and knowledge about the world's most important architecture, and perhaps inspire them to dream and build on their own.

    • Great Pyramind of Giza
    • Parthenon
    • Notre Dame de Paris
    • Leaning Tower of Pisa
    • Tower of London
    • Saint Peter's Basilica
    • Taj Mahal
    • Neuschwanstein castle
    • Eiffel Tower
    • Chrysler building
    • Guggenheim museum, New York
    • Sydney Opera house
    • Beijing National stadium.
    Language(s): English
    Collection(s)/Series: BC Summer Reading Club 2015