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Avenue of champions

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  • Author: Kerr, Conor

    Avenue of Champions is a collection of interlinked stories that investigates the inherent connection of Indigenous peoples to the land and the permanence of culture, language and ceremony as a form of resistance to displacement. Based on Papaschase and Métis oral histories and lived experience, these stories set in Edmonton examine the relationship of Indigenous youth with urban constructs and colonial spaces--from violence and racism to language revitalization and triumph. The central themes are focused on lateral violence, intergenerational trauma, systemic racism, academic relationships with elders and knowledge keepers, whitewashing, language revitalization and restaking land claims on traditional territories."

    • Intro
    • Half Title Page
    • Title Page
    • Copyright
    • Prologue: The Last Big Dance
    • 1. Bridges
    • 2. Skating Circles
    • 3. Bikes
    • 4. The Bake Sale
    • 5. Moving On
    • 6. Prairie
    • 7. Graduation
    • 8. Mosquitoes
    • 9. A Light in the Darkness
    • 10. Government Job
    • 11. Buffalo
    • 12. Anytime, Anywhere
    • 13. Granny
    • Acknowledgements
    • About the Author
    Original Publisher: Gibsons, BC, Canada, Nightwood Editions
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780889714199, 0889714193