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Bad endings : stories

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  • Author: Baker, Carleigh

    Carleigh Baker likes to make light in the dark. She never lets go of the witty, the ironic, and perhaps most notably, the awkward. Despite the title, the resolution in these stories isn't always tragic, but it's often uncomfortable, unexpected, or just plain strange. While steadfastly local in her choice of setting, Baker's deep appreciation for nature takes a lot of these stories out of Vancouver and into the wild. Nature is a place of escape and attempted convalescence for characters suffering from urban burnout. Baker takes troubled characters to a moment of realization or self-revelation, but the results aren't always pretty.

    • War of attrition
    • The modern intimate
    • Buddy Frank's steps to success
    • Shoe shopping with the cash poor
    • Baby boomer
    • Chins and elbows
    • Grey water
    • The honey house
    • Read these postcards in a gonzo journalist voice
    • Exotica
    • Last call
    • Imago
    • Radioactive particles
    • Honeybee dance
    • Moosehide.
    Original Publisher: Vancouver, Anvil Press
    Language(s): English