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Beautiful you, beautiful me

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  • Contributor: Perera, Salini; Stokes, Jennifer

    A simple story exploring the feelings of a mixed heritage child who begins to notice the physical differences between her mother's features and her own. One day, Izzy notices that her skin looks different from her mama's. "Mama," exclaims Izzy. "We don't match! You're sand, and I'm chocolate." Then Izzy realizes that her hair has big swirls and curls that jump out from her braids, while her mama's hair is smooth and straight with a braid that hangs right down the middle of her back. At first, Izzy is sad that she looks so different from her mama. She only sees the beauty in her mother's features, and not in her own. But using a gentle refrain, her mama lovingly tells her You're part of me, and I'm part of you. I'm beautiful like me, and you're beautiful like you. And with time and encouragement, Izzy comes to realize that beauty and belonging come in all shapes and sizes.

    Original Publisher: Toronto, ON, Owlkids Books
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781771474528, 1771474521, 9781771476317
    Collection(s)/Series: First Nations Communities Read 2023