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Brothers of a different creed : the oscar series, volume 3

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    Philip Kozak and Erwin Johnson are two half-brothers who have lofty ideas to make the world a better place. Philip, the scientist, wants to separate human consciousness from its corporeality and create a new race of people that will live forever. Erwin has chosen a more spiritual path and joins a communal church that wants to go back to basics and live in harmony with Nature. Although both brothers are heading in radically opposite directions in life, they find to their surprise that in the end they need each other to fulfil their dreams. Brothers of a Different Creed is a futuristic, emotional roller coaster that sweeps aside all established conventional wisdom and scientific paradigms about consciousness, life, love and the human mind, by going one step further, daring to investigate the impossible.

    Original Publisher: [s.l.], Amazon
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