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Bungee jump

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  • Author: Withers, Pam

    Thirteen-year-old Chris and his family are setting up a bungee jump in his backyard. It's a real large-scale bungee jump off a bridge that connects his backyard to a small island owned by his family. Not only is it going to be the coolest attraction around, but it also provides Chris with an opportunity to watch a real engineer in action. Chris would be excited about it if things didn't keep going wrong. The rumors of hauntings on the island, once the site of a hospital for children with leprosy, are getting out of control. And there are mysterious mishaps on the bridge. Chris worries that all of these problems will keep customers away. And if the bungee jump isn't a success, his family will lose everything.

    Original Publisher: Victoria, British Columbia :Orca Book Publishers,2016
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781459812178, 9781459812185
    Collection(s)/Series: Young Adult | Young Adult