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  • Author: Hunt, Dallas

    Creeland is a poetry collection concerned with notions of home and the quotidian attachments we feel to those notions, even across great distances. Even in an area such as Treaty Eight (northern Alberta), a geography decimated by resource extraction and development, people are creating, living, laughing, surviving and flourishing--or at least attempting to. The poems in this collection are preoccupied with the role of Indigenous aesthetics in the creation and nurturing of complex Indigenous lifeworlds. They aim to honour the encounters that everyday Cree economies enable, and the words that try--and ultimately fail--to articulate them. Hunt gestures to the movements, speech acts and relations that exceed available vocabularies, that may be housed within words like joy, but which the words themselves cannot fully convey. This debut collection is vital in the context of a colonial aesthetic designed to perpetually foreclose on Indigenous futures and erase Indigenous existence.

    • Intro
    • Half Title Page
    • Title Page
    • Copyright
    • Dedication
    • Porcupine I
    • Cree Dictionary
    • Louise
    • kinanâskomitin
    • Dancing Yellow Thunder
    • No Obvious Signs of Distress
    • Porcupine II
    • Ada Street, Pocatello
    • mahihkan
    • wahkohtowin
    • Healing, Suspended
    • Tracks
    • I Was Born Blue
    • Scraps from Summer Visits
    • Rueful
    • 150 Kilometres West of Saskatoon
    • Small
    • Stretch Marks // Sun Dogs
    • The Cree Word for Careening
    • Woman Making Tea
    • Mozart, Saskatchewan
    • Chris Gaines
    • Nathan Apodaca
    • I Only Tried to Break
    • Porcupine III A Prairie Fire That Wanders About
    • Main Street and Sixth Avenue
    • A Crook That Signifies Home
    • Spiralling (Fine for Now)
    • I Almost Had a Mental Breakdown During My Master's Degree
    • There Are No Good Settlers
    • The Lighthouse
    • Spillimacheen
    • Comfort
    • Even Tombs Die
    • Wake
    • Curriculum in the Wait
    • nîkânihk
    • Born Under Punches (in Billings, Montana)
    • Entry Four
    • Narrative Trap(ping)
    • Common Spaces
    • Porcupine IV
    • kôhkom Freedom
    • Glossary
    • Acknowledgements
    • About the Author
    Original Publisher: Gibson's, BC, Nightwood Editions
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 0889713936, 9780889713932
    Collection(s)/Series: First Nations Communities Read 2022