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Cujo : the untold story of my life on and off the ice

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    In this revealing memoir, NHL superstar Curtis Joseph, known affectionately to hockey fans around the world as Cujo, talks about his highly unusual upbringing and what led him to put on his first pair of skates.

    • Front Cover; Title Page; Half Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Foreword; Prologue; 1. 999; 2. "I'll Take the Hit"; 3. Bad People; 4. Pretending to Be Curtis Joseph; 5. Topsies and Knockdowns; 6. My Very Own Cuckoo's Nest; 7. Processed Cheese; 8. Keep Your Eye on the Ball; 9. "Take a Knee"; 10. A Girl on the Team; 11. Barenaked Lady; 12. "How's This Going to Work?"; 13. Wild Nights; 14. A Tough Way to Go; 15. Drilled; 16. "What Do You Have to Lose?"; 17. The Hounds; 18. The Bear; 19. A Season Nobody Expected; 20. Donnie; 21. Once-in-a-Lifetime Deal; 22. "Coojoe, Stend Up!"; 23. Sudsy 24. A Bucket of Sand25. No Backing Down; 26. Butchy; 27. A Red Necktie; 28. Hully; 29. No Hiding in the Game; 30. Cursing a Lot; 31. Wendy; 32. Victor; 33. Positive, Negative and Realistic; 34. The Hot Spot; 35. I Still Get Mad; 36. Not a Team Guy; 37. Chris McSorley and the Illegal Stick; 38. The Classy Guys; 39. David and Goliath; 40. Over and Out; 41. He Looked Like Bobby Clarke; 42. Gothic Meets Country; 43. "Never Mind Him!"; 44. "I'll Kill Alfredsson Next Shift"; 45. "No Stopping Behind the Net"; 46. "That Kah-vellov"; 47. "I'm Gonna Punch Ya in the Tomato"; 48. Moment of Majesty 49. Conveying a Message50. Powerful Stuff; 51. Guns a-Blazing; 52. "His Eyeball Is Split in Half "; 53. Goalie Gone Wild; 54. Reach; 55. "Oh My God, My Career Is Over"; 56. Hellbound Train; 57. Under His Shirt; 58. "Fill Me Up"; 59. And Then It All Went Sideways; 60. Salt Lake City; 61. Fist Bump; 62. Webb Was Dangerous; 63. "Bless You, Boys"; 64. A Tough Call; 65. "Is This How It's Going to Be?"; 66. High Risk, High Reward; 67. Battle Mode; 68. The Smell of Burning Rubber; 69. Square to the Puck; 70. "Let's Go Have Some Fun"; 71. Trust; 72. "I'm Going to Play for the Leafs!" 73. Riding into the Sunset74. What Wayne Said; Career Milestones; Career Statistics; Curtis Joseph's Career Ranking Among NHL Goaltenders; Acknowledgements
    Original Publisher: Toronto, ON, ©2018, Center for Equitable Library Access
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781641252461, 1641252464, 9781443455961, 1443455962, 9781641252447, 1641252448