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Diagnosing the legacy : the discovery, research, and treatment of type 2 diabetes in Indigenous youth.

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  • Author: Krotz, Larry
    Contributor: Dean, Heather; McGavock, Jonathan; Moffatt, Michael; Sellers, Elizabeth; Desjarlais, Frances

    Indigenous youngsters from two communities in northern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario were showing up not with with what looked like type 2 diabetes. Over the next few decades more children would confront what was turning into not only a medical but also a social and community challenge.

    • Cover; Contents; Foreword by Francis Desjarlais; Map; Introduction; Chapter 1: Early Alarm; Chapter 2: The First Patients of a New Disease; Chapter 3: Emerging Responses; Chapter 4: Island Lake; Chapter 5: Early Research, Innovations, and Strategies for Care; Chapter 6: Investigation and Hypotheses; Chapter 7: After the Deluge; Chapter 8: Revisiting Roots; Chapter 9: Food; Chapter 10: Poverty and Disease; Chapter 11: Partnerships and Participation; Chapter 12: Hopes and Dreams; Epilogue: Island Lake Encore. Afterword by By Heather Dean, Jonathan McGavock, Michael Moffatt, and Elizabeth SellersAcknowledgements; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
    Original Publisher: Winnipeg [Manitoba], University of Manitoba Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780887555589, 0887555586
    Collection(s)/Series: Prairie Indigenous Ebook Collection