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A different mirror : a history of multicultural America

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  • Edition: 1st ed.

    A presentation of American history from a multi-cultural perspective, focusing on a broader and comparative approach to enhance the possibility of understanding and appreciating America's racial and cultural diversity.

    • Different mirror
    • "Tempest" in the wilderness : the racialization of savagery
    • "Giddy multitude" : the hidden origins of slavery
    • Toward the stony mountains : from removal to reservation
    • No more peck o' corn : slavery and its discontents
    • Emigrants from Erin : ethnicity and class within white America
    • Foreigners in their native land : manifest destiny in the southwest
    • Searching for gold mountain : strangers from a Pacific shore
    • "Indian question" : from reservation to reorganization
    • Pacific crossings : seeking the land of money trees
    • Between "two endless days" : the continuous journey to the promised land
    • El Norte : the borderland of Chicano America
    • To the promised land : blacks in the urban north
    • Through a glass darkly : toward the twenty-first century.
    Original Publisher: Boston, Little, Brown & Co.
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 0316831123, 9780316831123, 0316831115, 9780316831116
    Collection(s)/Series: Anti-Racist Resources