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Farewell to Lancashire

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  • Author: Jacobs, Anna
    Contributor: McKenzie, Nicolette
    Edition: MP3 Book

    Separated from all that she loves...Cassandra Blake has raised her three sisters. The girls are the pride of their impractical father Zachariah, and not in a hurry to marry. Then the American Civil War cuts off supplies of cotton to Lancashire and the mills fall silent. There is a stark choice: stay and risk starvation or begin again elsewhere. Then an old feud tears the family apart. Cassandra is kidnapped and her sisters are forced to sail with a group of desperate cotton lasses to the Swan River Colony. Penniless and alone, Cassandra is determined to find them again - but when he is offered a way, there is a painful price to pay.

    Original Publisher: Oxford, Isis
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 1407917455, 9781407917450