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forall x Calgary : an introduction to formal logic - Fall 2021 edition


  • Contributor: BC Open Textbook Project; BCcampus; Loftis, J. Robert; Thomas-Bolduc, Aaron; Zach, Richard

    "forall x: Calgary is a full-featured textbook on formal logic. It covers key notions of logic such as consequence and validity of arguments, the syntax of truth-functional propositional logic TFL and truth-table semantics, the syntax of first-order (predicate) logic FOL with identity (first-order interpretations), translating (formalizing) English in TFL and FOL, and Fitch-style natural deduction proof systems for both TFL and FOL. It also deals with some advanced topics such as modal logic, soundness, and functional completeness. Exercises with solutions are available. It is provided in PDF (for screen reading, printing, and a special version for dyslexics) and in LaTeX source code. A proof editor/checker for the proof system used is available at"--BCcampus website.

    Subject(s): Logic | Textbooks
    Original Publisher: Calgary,
    Language(s): English
    Collection(s)/Series: BC Open Textbooks