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The frog mother

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  • Author: Huson, Brett D.
    Contributor: Donovan, Natasha

    To the Gitxsan of Northwestern British Columbia, Nox Ga'naaw is a storyteller, speaking truths of the universe. When Nox Ga'naaw, the frog mother, releases her eggs among the aquatic plants of a pond, the tiny tadpoles are left to fend for themselves. As they hatch, grow legs, and transform into their adult selves, they must avoid the mouths of hungry predators. Will the young frogs survive to lay their own eggs, continuing a cycle 200 million years in the making? In book four of the Mothers of Xsan series, young readers learn about the life cycle of the Columbia Spotted Frog, the special significance of this species to the Gitxsan, and how Nox Ga'naaw and her offspring are essential to the balance that is life.

    Original Publisher: Winnipeg, Manitoba, HighWater Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 1553799038, 9781553799030, 9781553799023