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Gabriel Dumont : li chef michif in images and in words

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  • Contributor: Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research
    • Gabriel Dumont: hero of the Métis Nation: Kii Kischitaytakoshew aen niikaniit daan la naasyon dii Michif
    • Gabriel Dumont in historical photographs
    • Illustrated historical images of Gabriel Dumont
    • Material objects, places, and events related to Gabriel Dumont
    • Gabriel Dumont in film, documentaries, and theatre
    • Artistic representations of Gabriel Dumont
    • Images of Gabriel Dumont in books, magazines, graphic novels, and blogs
    • The public commemoration of Gabriel Dumont: Métis and pan-Canadian hero
    • Remembering Gabriel Dumont in newspapers, magazines, and antique books
    • Gabriel Dumont archival document listing
    • Endnotes.
    Original Publisher: Saskatoon, Gabriel Dumont Institute
    Language(s): English
    Collection(s)/Series: Saskatchewan Book Awards 2012